Run Book Key Features

The Creatrixe Runbook project is designed to significantly impact the IT education and employment landscape, particularly in regions where bridging the gap between academia and the rapidly evolving IT industry is crucial. Here are the key features of the Runbook Project:


  1. Practical Skill Development
  • Focus on imparting practical IT skills that are in high demand in the global market.
  • Training on the latest tools, technologies, and software development practices.
  1. Industry-Academia Collaboration
  • Strong partnerships between educational institutions and IT companies.
  • Curriculum development in consultation with industry experts to ensure relevance.
  1. Professional Training and Certifications
  • Offering commercial IT professional training and certifications at discounted or free rates.
  • Certifications endorsed by experts from leading MAMAA companies (Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet).
  1. Enhanced Employment Prospects
  • Aimed at increasing the employability of graduates in the competitive IT job market.
  • Special emphasis on preparing students for high-value careers in software development and other IT fields.
  1. Global IT Norms and Ethics
  • Training on the norms and ethics of working in the global IT workspace.
  • Emphasizing the importance of professionalism and ethical behavior in a global context.
  1. Inclusion and Diversity
  • Commitment to excellence and diversity within the IT sector.
  • Ensuring that the training program is accessible to a wide range of students, including those from underrepresented communities.
  1. Long-Term Strategy for IT Growth
  • A comprehensive approach to address the skills gap and foster growth in the IT sector.
  • Aiming to boost foreign exchange earnings through enhanced IT exports.


  1. Support for Local Economies
  • By improving the quality and employability of IT graduates, the project aims to contribute to the local and national economy.
  • Support from the government to foster growth in the IT sector as a means to address financial challenges.
  1. Promoting Good Software Development Practices
  • Training students not just in coding, but in the entire software development lifecycle, including testing, quality assurance, and project management.
  1. Community and Mentorship
  • Building a community of learners, educators, and industry professionals.
  • Mentorship programs involving experts from top IT companies to guide students.

Addressing the critical skills gap and aligning academic curricula with industry needs, the Creatrixe Runbook project aims to create a transformative impact on IT education and employment, empowering a new generation of IT professionals ready for global challenges.